King Edward VII Snuffbox

London | ca.1860 | Gold, silver, diamonds, enamel, rubies, emeralds


The gold snuffbox is decorated with pure translucent blue enamel, giving the box a blue velvet texture. The portrait in the center of the box is of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, and later King Edward VII. Above the oval portrait is an English crown set with precious stones and red enamel. The corners of the box are set with four large diamonds. The initials A and E on the sides of the box are the initials of Albert Edward, which are surrounded by decorations of scrolling leaves and flowers in gold. The sides and base of the box are similarly engraved and decorated with gold leaves to form the crest of the Star of India.


This was a gift from Albert Edward to General Samuel James Browne, General of the Cavalry in the British Army in India and Afghanistan. The inside of the box is inscribed "H.R.H. ALBERT EDWARD, PRINCE OF WALES, / TO / MAJOR GEN SIR S.J. BROWNE, / BOMBAY, / MARCH 9th 1876," with a stamp inside "R & S GARRARD & CO / Goldsmiths & Jewellers / TO THE CROWN / 25, HAYMARKET LONDON."


Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VII of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, taken by photographer I. W. Taber, on page 342 of the October 1900 Camera Craft. (left)

Genl. Sir Samuel Browne, VC, K.C.B., K.C.S.I.. [Afghanistan and Egypt portraits, 1879]. (right)

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