"Old Rose" Brooch

France | 19th century | Yellow sapphire, diamonds, gold and silver | French jewelers (maker)

The piece has an old rose design with a central oval yellow sapphire weighing 11.99 carats, detachable and wearable on its own, and silver petals set with diamonds.



Archduchess Isabella of Austria-Teschen (left)

Photograph of the Crown Princess Consort of Parma and Piacenza, Maria Anna of Habsburg-Teschen, with her daughter, Princess Elisabeth of Bourbon-Parma, 1913 (right)


Philip de Laszlo, "Princess Elie de Bourbon, née Archduchess Maria-Anna of Austria-Teschen and her sister Archduchess Henriette of Austria-Teschen", 1905

The brooch was a gift from Archduchess Isabella, Grand Duchess of Austria-Teschen, to her daughter Maria Anna, Crown Princess of Bourbon-Parma, on her 70th birthday in 1926.

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