Emerald Tiara

Germany | ca. 1880 | Gold, silver, diamonds and emeralds | German jewelers (maker)


This exceptional tiara is adorned with oval and teardrop-cut Colombian emeralds, full of luster and elegance.


Prized for their intense green color, emeralds have been used as ritual objects and for royal jewelry since the time of ancient Egypt. The oldest emerald mine near the Red Sea is said to have been owned by Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, and was depleted by heavy mining.


During the Age of Sail, Spanish explorers entered the area where Colombia is located today and discovered that the emeralds produced there are larger in size, more saturated, and have fewer impurities than any they had ever seen before. As a result, they began to develop a mining industry there. These high-quality Columbian emeralds entered Europe with Spanish merchant ships. To this day, the finest emeralds are still produced in Colombia.

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