Sapphire Pearl Necklace

France | 20th century | Gold, diamonds, sapphire and pearls | Georges Lefebvre (maker)


Choker has a long history, as early as thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia and ancient Egyptian civilizations, where the most powerful figure of authority wore chokers as decoration and protection to the most important part of the body. This is a common phenomenon in the history of civilization jewelry. The fashion of the choker was really born in the late 19th century, led by Queen Alexandra, the queen of King Edward VII of England. It is said that Queen Alexandra had a childhood scar on her neck and wore chokers to hide the scar. Though legends may not indeed be historical facts, the classic style of choker has remained in the history of jewelry design.

This pearl choker is classic and timeless, with five layers of evenly sized natural seawater pearls with bright lustre, clustering a large oval sapphire in the center. The sapphire is surrounded by 12 brilliant-cut diamonds, and by 14 lustrous pearls. The length of the pearl choker fitting comfortably around the wearer's neck is no accident, but a customized choice made by the creator based on the circumference of the wearer's neck. This choker must have been a treasured possession of a fair maiden, once shinning on her neck and adding a touch of evocative brilliance.

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