Renaissance Pendant

Germany | ca. 1600 | Gold, diamonds and enamel | Augsburg jewelers (maker)


Few jewelry pieces were created during the Renaissance, which are characterized by their precious materials, ornate decoration, and superb craftsmanship. Due to production scarcity and long periods of time passed since their creation, there are very few surviving Renaissance jewelry today. This piece is typical of the late 16th-century style in its symmetry, with a curling openwork exterior and a central figure, which is later screwed in place with beautiful golden screws.



Before the discovery of the first South African diamond "Eureka" in 1867, diamond sources were scarce, coming only in small quantities from Brazil and India. As a result, diamonds were the most expensive items in the world. This pendant is a masterpiece of artistry, using high-quality diamonds, meticulously crafted in gold and enameled in a variety of colors, and has been perfectly preserved to this day.

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