Spider Purse

France | ca. 1920 | Gold, platinum, diamonds, pearls | Lacloche (maker)


The Lacloche brothers were one of the most talented jewelers of their time. Their creations were so imaginative and exquisite that they captured the hearts of all lovers of beauty, from the Prince of Wales to the Princess of Monaco. From the very beginning, the Lacloche brothers were attracted by Art Nouveau and its naturalistic motifs, an aesthetic that appeared in a typical and vibrant style in Lacloche's designs around 1900, particularly the collection of handbags with woven gold webs, of which the delicate gold crosshatches were made by goldsmith Paul Frey. Just like the spider that weaves this web of gold, this spider motif is an elegant hunter as well as a dream-maker.


Arachne, a weaver in Roman mythology, challenged the goddess of wisdom Minerva in weaving and lost. Arachne was therefore punished and transformed into a spider, weaving a neverending web. Made of diamonds, pearls, and platinum, the spider on this gold bag is a symbol of "the artist's spirit" - Arachne, who was punished for her ambition to create.

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