Diamond Tiara

England | ca.1905 | Gold, silver and diamonds | Collingwood (maker)


This Diamond Tiara is made by the legendary London jeweler Collingwood, the jewelry brand's predecessor, Kitching & Abud Company, received the honorary title of "Ther Queen's Jeweller" in 1837. For a hundred years, Collingwood has been a favorite of the British crown; Queen Victoria to Princess Diana of Wales have all been seen wearing custom-made pieces by Collingwood.

The front part of the tiara consists of a pattern of flowers, leaves, etc., set with a total diamond weight of approximately 13.00 - 15.00 carats. This crown can be used as either a tiara or a necklace; the back part of the tiara has an elasticated fabric band, allowing the front section to be detached to form the main part of necklace.

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