Feather Diamond Necklace

Geneva | White gold, diamonds


Feathers are the miracle of creation. Humans admired the colorful plumage of birds, marveled at their free flight, and also used feathers to adorn the beauty of ladies, to keep warm, to make writing instruments, and also to study the secrets of flight and religious rituals... To the ancient Egyptians, the human soul weighed no more than a feather. Once they died, the wolf-headed god Anubis weighed the heart of the dead by the weight of a feather, and the value of the soul it contained. Those deceased who balance the scales may enter the kingdom of Osiris, the god of the underworld. But if the soul is not as heavy as the feather, Anubis throws the guilty heart into the mouth of Amit, the "devourer" with the head of a crocodile, the body of a lion and a hippopotamus, who crouches at Anubis' feet.

This wonderful necklace succeeds in capturing the deepest essence of the feather in diamonds. The two light and agile feathers are gently articulated and set with brilliant diamonds in 18k white gold, elegantly flowing and sparkling in the light. The necklace measures approximately 412mm in length and has a total diamond weight of approximately 12.00-13.00 carats.

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